How Can Nonprofits Benefit from Blogging

Bringing attention to your nonprofit may feel like a daunting task.

Whether you have a limited marketing budget or small staff you probably feel overwhelmed by the amount of time and energy required to keep the organization afloat.

Blogging gives you a cost-effective, powerful way to spread the word without breaking the advertising bank.

f you put in the time and energy to build your blog on a solid foundation you can give your nonprofit the attention it deserves.

Before we dive into the reasons, understand this: blogging is a skill. Like any skill it takes time to learn how to blog effectively, to become an astute student of blogging and to practice writing, creating and connecting so that you become a successful blogger.

This is a time and energy intensive venture but so is every online marketing, value-providing and relationship-building tool that does not involve a financial investment.

Check out these reasons to see how nonprofits can benefit from blogging.

Expand Awareness about the Cause

Nonprofits survive by spreading awareness as to the cause of the organization.

Blogging is hands down the best way for any nonprofit to expand its digital footprint.

Think of the channels through which you can spread the word about how your organization improves the world, all via your blog:

  • Podcasting
  • Video marketing via YouTube, Facebook and Periscope (recorded and live broadcasts)
  • Text based articles
  • Infographics

These are a few mediums for expanding brand awareness through your blog.

All new content can be published quickly and easily, making for a convenient way to connect with new and returning readers swiftly.

Attract Targeted Traffic

Every dollar counts for any nonprofit on a tight budget.

Blogging gives nonprofits immense bang for their marketing buck because you can attract targeted, interested traffic by sharing helpful content and optimizing your blog for SEO with a minimum investment. By spending a small yearly fee on a domain and hosting you can receive immense returns.

As marketing evolves from a numbers-based, cold calling game toward a more intelligent and effective, targeted nature, blogs offer organizations a tool which levels the advertising playing field.

Providing helpful, thorough content and adding the proper keywords to your posts drives a steady flow of intrigued users from search engines like Google.

Add in a smart guest posting campaign to bolster your SEO and you will be able to raise funds and awareness through your blog.

As with any online marketing strategy it takes time and effort to drive targeted traffic to your blog or website. Be patient. Invest in resources to cut your SEO learning curve.

If you put in the time to learn how to create appealing, valuable and search engine friendly blog posts you will experience substantial returns over the long haul in terms of increased funding and greater awareness for your nonprofit.

Networking Potential

Nonprofits make an even bigger difference in the world when influential individuals become aware of these organizations.

Running a static website is OK but adding blogging to your online marketing arsenal instantly adds credibility to your endeavor.

Successful entrepreneurs, generous philanthropists and other individuals involved with similar nonprofits are more likely to find your site and connect with you through your blog.

Blogs are in essence content central.

You can publish articles, videos, podcasts and other forms of helpful content quickly and easily through a blog.

Churning out insightful content regularly draws in people eager to aid your cause.

Think of a spider’s web, stretching far and wide across your nonprofit niche as the quality and volume of your blog posts increase. As the nodes and strings of the web increase steadily you connect with influential people who both spread the word for your cause and also support your nonprofit financially.


Gone are the days of simply running a static website for your nonprofit.

Sophisticated web surfers are looking for well-stocked, insightful blogs detailing the purpose of your nonprofit as well as valuable posts explaining how your nonprofit operates.

Start blogging today to give your nonprofit the attention it deserves.

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